Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rail Cannon LV10

 July 2015 Ban list
Metal Reflect Slime is treated as a monster card when activate and its LV10, So you can overlay as a LV10 Monster

Monster:19 (All "Machine" type monster)

2 Tin Goldfish                          (Water)(4)
3 Express Train Trolley Olley (Earth)(4)
3 Ruffian Railcar                       (Earth)(4)
1 Machina Fortress                  (Earth)(7)
2 Snow Plow Hustle Rustle     (Earth)(10)
3 Heavy Freight Train Derrirane (Earth)(10)
3 Night Express Knight             (Earth)(10)
2 Malefic Cyber End Dragon   (Dark)(10)


1 Limited Removal             (Quick-Play)
1 Machine Armored Unit    (Continuous)
2 Machine Assembly Line  (Continuous)
2 Mystical Space Typhoon  (Quick-Play)
2 Pot Of Duality
1 Raigeki
3 Revolving Switchyard     (Field)
1 Terraforming


1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Call Of The Hunted         (Continuous)
2 Dimensional Prison
2 Metal Reflect Slime        (Continuous)
2 Mirror Force
1 Ring Of Destruction

EX:15 (All "Machine" Types ) Unless Stated

Fusion Monsters:3
3 Cyber End Dragon    (Light)(10)

1 Number 50: Blackship Of Corn   (Plant)(Dark)(4)
2 Gear Gigant X                       (Earth)(4)
1 Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon (Dragon)(Dark)(4)
2 Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustax Max (Earth)(10)
2 Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Superior Dora (Earth)(10)
2 Skypalace Gangaridai               (Wind)(10)
1 Number C9: Chaos Dyson Sphere  (Light)(10)
1 Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer (Light)(10)

                                                         Card In Hand Sample

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Legendary Blue-Eyes

July 2015 Ban list

My Ultimate Blue-Eyes Deck

Monster: 19 (ALL "Dragon" Type Unless Stated)

3 Maiden with Eyes Of Blue            (Spellcaster)(Light)(1)
2 The White Stone Of Legend                               (Light)(1)
1 Honest                                          (Fairy)(Light)(4)
2 Dragard                                                    (Dark)(4)
2 Shining Angel                              (Fairy)(Light)(4)
3 Alexandrite Dragon                                (Light)(4)
1 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon         (Dark)(10)
2 Tri- Horned Dragon                              (Dark)(8)
1 BLS-Envoy Of the Beginning (Warrior)(Light)(8)
3 Blue- Eyes White Dragon                     (Light)(8)

2 Ancient Rules
1 Burst Stream Of Destruction
2 Silent Doom
1 Raigeki
1 Pot Of Duality
2 Mystical Space Typhoon          (Quick-Play)
1 Dragon's Mirror
2 Dragon Shrine
2 Draconnection
2 Swing Of Memories

1 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Call of the Hunted                  (Continuous)
2 Mirror Force


Synchro Monsters:6
3 Azure- Eyes Silver Dragon      (Dragon)(Light)(9)
1 Giganticastle                           (Rock)(Earth)(9)
1 Ally Of Justice Catastor            (Machine)(Dark)(5)
1Armades, Keeper Of Boundaries  (Fiend)(Light)(5)    

Fusion Monsters:1
1 Five Headed Dragon                (Dragon)(Dark)(12)

XYZ Monsters:8
1 Number 32: Shark Drake          (Sea Serpent)(Water)(4)
1 Number 39: Utopia                  (Warrior)(Light)(4)
1 Number 104: Masquerade      (Spellcaster)(Light)(4)
1 Photon Papilloperative            (Warrior)(Light)(4)
1 Number 46: Dragluon             (Dragon)(Light)(8)
1 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord Of Heliopolis (Dragon)(Light)(8)
2 Thunder End Dragon              (Dragon)(Light)(8)

                                                            Cards In Hand Sample

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Harpie's Paradise III

Well this is my Third Harpie Deck. Just switch around some cards around

July 16 Ban list 2015

Monster :17 (ALL "Winged Beast") Unless stated
1 Summoner Monk  (Spellcaster)(Dark)(4)
3 Harpie Dancer                           (Wind)(4)
1 Harpie Lady 1                           (Wind)(4)
3 Harpie Channeler                      (Wind)(4)
2 Harpie Harpist                           (Wind)(4)
3 Harpie Queen                            (Wind)(4)
3 Harpie's Pet Dragon  (Dragon) (Wind)(7)
1 Tempest, Dragon Ruler Of Storms (Dragon)(Wind)(7)

Spell: 9
1 Dark Hole
1 Elegant Egotist
1 Forbidden Lance    (Quick-play)
3 Harpies' Hunting Ground  (Field)
2 Hysteric Sign           (Continuous)
1 Pot of Duality     

Trap: 16
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
3 Call of the Hunted    (Continuous)
2 Dimensional Prison
2 Hysteric Party          (Continuous)
2 Icarus Attack 
1 Magical Hats        
2 Mirror Force
1 Raigeki Break
1 Solemn Warning     (Counter)

You Can post your own XYZ's
Below is just my Preferred

EX: 15 (ALL XYZ Monsters)
1 Raidraptor- Rise Falcon      (Winged-Beast)(Dark)(4)
1 Lighting Chidori                         (Thunder)(Wind)(4)
1 Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon  (Dragon)(Wind)(4)
1 Ice Beast Zerofyne                 (Winged-Beast)(Water)(4)
1 Number 10: Illumiknight       (Warrior)(Light)(4)
1 Number 39: Utopia               (Warrior)(Light)(4)
2 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack (Machine)(Wind)(7)
2 Number 11: Big Eye            (Spellcaster)(Dark)(7)
1 Number 104: Masquerade    (Spellcaster)(Light)(4)
2 Number 74: Master Of Blades (Psychic)(Earth)(7)
1 Number 32: Shark Drake       (Sea Serpent)(Water)(4)
1 Number 85:Crazy Box          (Fiend)(Dark)(4)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Maybe getting back to yugioh

HI guy long time no see. I was busy with my study's and don't really have time to play or make yugioh deck recipe. but I have the free time now. should I continue posting recipe? because I still don't have the kicks to play yugioh yet. BTW Who still play The tag force games? or the GBA Yugioh games? If majority's play those game I will post recipe of those game because I am playing them. please leave your suggestion thanks.  

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Legendary Noble Knights (Liberty)

Sep Ban List

Trying out Gilford The Legend and Foolish Burial
Please Give me your opinion.

A little Gameplay below (Opponent Rage quit on me)

Monster:20 (All Warrior Types) Unless stated
1 Black Luster Soldier- Envoy Of The Beginning (Light)(8)
1 Gilford The Legend             (Earth)(8)
1 Ignoble Knight Of The Black Laundsallyn (Dark)(5)
3 Noble Knight Gawayn          (Light)(4)
3 Noble Knight Drystan           (Light)(4)
3 Noble Knight Medraut          (Light)(4)
2 Noble Knight Gwalchavad    (Light)(4)
1 Honest                          (Fairy)(Light)(4)
2 Summoner Monk      (Spellcaster)(Dark)(4)
1 Genex Ally Birdman (Machine)(Dark)(3)
1 Maxx"C"                   (Insect)(Earth)(2)
1 Lady Of The Lake     (Aqua)(Light)(1)

1 Reinforcement Of The Army
2 Hidden Armory
1 Dark Hole
1 Foolish Burial
2 Pot Of Duality
2 Mystical Space Typhoon     (Quick- Play)
2 Noble Arms Of Destiny       (Equip)
2 Noble Arms- Caliburn         (Equip)
1 Noble Arms- Excaliburn     (Equip)
3 Noble Arms- Arfeuduty      (Equip)

1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Liberty At Last
1 Compulsory Evacuation Device
1 Call Of The Haunted                (Continuous)

1 Scrap Dragon                (Dragon)(Earth)(8)
1 Power Tool Dragon      (Machine)(Earth)(7)
1 Ignoble Knight Of High Laundsallyn (Warrior)(Dark)(5)
1 Number 61: Volcasaurus (Dinosaur)(Fire)(5)
2 Heroic Champion- Kusanagi (Warrior)(Earth)(4)
1 Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry (Fairy)(Light)(4)
1 Number 39: Utopia     (Warrior)(Light)(4)
1 Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon (Dragon)(Light)(4)
1 Comics Hero King Arthur  (Warrior)(Earth)(4)
2 Blade Armor Ninja       (Warrior)(Wind)(4)
1 Photon Papilloperative  (Warrior)(Light)(4)
2 Artorigus, King Of The Noble Knights (Warrior)(Light)(4)