Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dimensional Eatos II

I'm using the 2011/03 ban list for this deck.

Try this Combo: Use monster effect that send equip card to the graveyard and activate their effect,send Horn of the Uncorn.If Horn of the Unicorn is send to the graveyard during either turn ,it will return to the top of your deck instead.So use Sunlight Unicorn effect and draw that equip card.Thats means that u can reuse Horn of the Uncorn again and again to activate monster effect like Guardian Eatos and u don't have to worry about Horn of the Uncorn that return to top of your deck and u can't draw cards other than Horn of the Uncorn because of the effect of Sunlight Unicorn

3 Guardian Eatos                                       (Fairy)
2 Evocator Chevailer                                 (Warrior)
2 Sunlight Unicorn                                     (Beast)
2 Arsenal Summoner                                 (Spellcaster)
2 Future Samurai                                       (Warrior)
2 Maha Vailo                                            (Spellcaster)
1 Morphing Jar                                          (Rock)
2 Trust Guardian                                        (Fairy)

3 Dimensional Fissure                               (Continuous)
3 Pot of Duality
1 Gold Sarcophagus      
2 Fairy of the Spring
2 Horn of the Uncorn                                (Equip)
1 Megamorph                                           (Equip)
2 United We Stand                                   (Equip)
2 Mage Power                                          (Equip)
2 D.D.R.-Different Dimension Reincarnation (Equip)
1 Rainbow Vail                                          (Equip)
1 Supervise                                                (Equip)
1 Mystical Space Typhoon                         (Quick-Play)
1 My Body as a Shield                               (Quick-Play)
1 Swords of the Revealing Light
1 Soul Release

1 Mirror Force
3 Royal Decree                                        (Continuous)

3 Power Tool Dragon                              (Machine)
2 Seven Swords Warrior                         (Warrior)
1 Black Rose Dragon                              (Dragon)
1 Ancient Fairy Dragon                           (Dragon)

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