Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sin Malefic VII (Malefic Terror)

One of my best Malefic Deck Out There!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Deck Focus on (Direct Attacks)

Use (Cole De Zone) Effect to turn all monster listed below to tokens (LV1,Spellcaster)

You Now can summon multiple copy of malefic monsters if (Cole De Zone) is in play.....

F*** Your opponent by Equipping (Opti-Camourflage Armor) to A Maleficed Token with 4000ATK,and direct attack your opponent. Same goes for (Jester's Panic)
and (Infected Mail)          

Protect (Cole De Zone) with (Field Barrier) F*** (Malefic World) OFF!!!!     

3 Rainbow Dragon                    (Dragon)(Light)
3 Malefic Rainbow Dragon      (Dragon)(Dark)
3 Malefic Cyber End Dragon    (Machine)(Dark)
1 Beast Machine King Barbaros r (Beast-Warrior)(Earth)
3 Beast King Barbaros               (Beast-Warrior)(Earth)
3 Meklord Emperor Wisel Inf    (Machine)(Dark)
1 Morphing Jar                           (Rock)(Earth)  (Flip)

3 Terraforming
2 Jester's Panic
2 Mystical Space Typhoon       (Quick-Play)
1 Infected Mail                         (Continuous)
1 Field Barrier                           (Continuous)
1 Gold Sarcophagus   
2 Malefic World                       (Field)
3 Cole De Zone                        (Field)
2 Opti-Camourflage Armor     (Equip)
1 Dark Hole

2 Magic Cylinder
2 Dark Bribe                              (Counter)
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force
1 Enlightenment

3 Cyber End Dragon                 (Machine)(Light)      

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