Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Harpie's Paradise I

Sep Ban List
This Deck is not for the Tag force Games.

Ya my first Harpie Deck.
Give it a try.
Please tell me if its Good.

Monster:18 (All Winged Beast)
1 Dark Simorgh          (Dark)
1 Harpie's Pet Dragon  (Dragon)(Wind)
3 Harpie Queen           (Wind)
3 Cyber Harpie            (Wind)
2 Battlestrom               (Dark)
2 Mist Valley Soldier  (Wind)
3 Harpie Channeler      (Wind)
2 Harpie Dancer           (Wind)
1 Summoner Monk      (Spellcaster)(Dark)

1 Dark Hole
1 Elegant Eqotist
2 Pot Of Duality
1 Book Of Moon          (Quick-Play)
2 Forbidden Lancer      (Quick-Play)
2 Hysteric Sign            (Continuous)
2 Harpie's Hunting Ground (Field)
1 Phalanx Pike              (Equip)
1 Shard Of Greed          (Continuous)

1 Mirror Force
2 Hysteric Party           (Continuous)
2 Flendish Chain          (Continuous)
2 Dimensional Prison  
2 Icarus Attack

1 Scrap Dragon           (Dragon)(Earth)
1 Stardust Dragon       (Dragon)(Wind)
1 Red Dragon Arcgfiend (Dragon)(Dark)
2 Lightning Chidori     (Thunder)(Wind)
1 Harpie's Pet Mirage Dragon (Dragon)(Wind)
1 Num 91: Thunder Spark Dragon (Dragon)(Light)
2 Ice Beast Zerofyne      (Winged Beast)(Water)
1 Num 39: Utopia          (Warrior)(Light)
1 Num: 11 Big Eye         (Spellcaster)(Dark)
1 Kachi Kochi Dragon    (Dragon)(Earth)
1 Num: 74 Master Of Blades (Psychic)(Earth)
1 Number 104: Masquerade (Spellcaster)(Light)
1 Photon Papilloperative   (Warrior)(Light)


  1. You should put in "Harpy Lady Phoenix Formation"

    1. Tried but never get to use it, but will try in the next deck.Thanks for the suggestion.