Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Harpie's Paradise II (Magical)

Sep Ban List
This deck is not for the tag force games
Please Leave some commands. Not getting any lately.
Thanks I appreciate it.

As u see below
Activate Magical Hats, Select one monster you control and then select 2 non monster cards from your deck, select 1 Hysteric Sign and 1 other card. Those Cards that are summon
this turn will be destroy at the end of your turn. Then Hysteric Sign Effect Kick in. There you go 3 Harpie Card.
Warning:Don't be Greedy like me and select 2 Hysteric Sign
Instead of 1. You can only activate its effect once per turn.                                        

You Can also use Summoner Monk, Hysteric Party
and Morphing Jar effect to discard Hysteric Sign

Monster:19 (All Winged Beast) (All Wind Types)
Unless Stated
1 Dark Simorgh        (Dark)
1 Tempest, Dragon Ruler Of Storms (Dragon)
1 Flying Kamakiri    (Insect)
2 Summoner Monk   (Spellcaster)(Dark)
1 Morphing Jar        (Rock)(Earth)(Flip)
2 Harpie's Pet Dragon (Dragon)
3 Harpie Queen
3 Harpie Channeler
3 Harpie Lady 1       
2 Harpie Dancer

1 Dark Hole
2 Sword Of Revealing Light
1 Elegant Egotist
2 Pot Of Duality
1 Forbidden Lancer       (Quick-Play)
3 Hysteric Sign              (Continuous)
3 Harpie's Hunting Ground (Field)

1 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Mirror Force
2 Icarus Attack
2 Magical Hats
2 Fiendish Chain      (Continuous)
2 Hysteric Party       (Continuous)

1 Number 74: Master Of Blades (Psychic)(Earth)
2 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack (Machine)(Wind)
1 Number 11: Big Eye     (Spellcaster)(Dark)
1 Number 104: Masquerade  (Spellcaster)(Light)
1 Number 39: Utopia        (Warrior)(Light)
1 Number 10: Illumiknight  (Warrior)(Light)
1 Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon (Dragon)(Light)
1 Photon Papilloperative    (Warrior)(Light)
1 Number 50: Blackship Of Corn (Plant)(Dark)
1 Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon (Dragon)(Wind)
1 Ice Beast Zerofyne        (Winged-Beast)(Water)
1 Diamond Dire Wolf      (Beast)(Earth)
2 Lighting Chidori           (Thunder)(Wind)

Side Deck:15
1 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon (Machine)(Earth)
1 Dark Simorgh         (Winged Beast)(Dark)
1 Harpie Lady Sister   (Winged Beast)(Wind)
3 Battlestorm              (Winged Beast)(Dark)
2 Bird Face                 (Winged Beast)(Wind)
1 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon (Dragon)(Wind)
1 Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation
2 Swallow's Nest      (Quick-Play)
2 Geartown               (Field)
1 Torrential Tribute


  1. I have been looking into building a harpie deck and this will help a lot.The only problem I have about making a harpie is that they are so exspensive.Thanks for writing this post it is helping a lot.

    1. With all the new support card's they have sure get to expensive and glad that help.

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